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Just Jen – Festival Allsorts #4

Just Jen performing at Festival Allsorts #4. 15 years after her last stage appearance, it took some convincing to get back on the stage, but it was well over due! Obviously, I love this! When Jen is not tearing up … Continue reading

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The Sea Gypsies – Performing “Be Bold”

What can I say, other than that these guys were deadset RAD! A fantastic live band, great performers. Audio on this one is not too bad for a mobile phone recording, but of course it can never compare to being … Continue reading

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Death By Carrot – Dope Riff Fest

Death By Carrot organised the Dope Riff Fest held at The Basement in August 2018, and while they were the headliners, they played the back stage, as they preferred the “vibe” in the back room, they were a bit arty … Continue reading

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Time On Earth – Performing “Alter”

Time On Earth played at The Basement as part of the Chaos In The Capital 4 Festival. Their bio read like a dogs breakfast of influences, but they were actually pretty cool, and they had some nifty songs to boot. … Continue reading

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Wolfpack – Performing “Brainwash Blues” and “Screaming Queens”

According to the bio on their Facebook page, Wolfpack play blistering punk thrash. Damn straight they do! These guys put on a brilliant live show, and they have a pretty solid political message, without being too self righteous. Pretty nice … Continue reading

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Arrowhead – Performing “Bone Mountain” and “Sky Wizard”

Arrowhead are a Sydney stoner rock band, and here is some footage of them performing at their CD launch that they shared with Frozen Planet 1969. They were pretty cool, and easy to work with, and had some groovy songs. … Continue reading

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Blissphorus – Festival Allsorts #3

This is the last band in my set of recordings from the Festival Allsorts #3 gig. By far, Blissphorus were the pick of the bands that played on the After Dark Bar stage. All the band members are solid musicians, … Continue reading

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Violet Faye – Festival Allsorts #3

Another set from the Festival Allsorts #3 gig. This time it is Violet Faye, who were greatly improved from the previous time that I had mixed them. Funny that I still look at them and think of them as kids, … Continue reading

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Muddy Wolfe – Festival Allsorts #3

Festival Allsorts is a small local music festival that has been running for the last few years, showcasing Canberra bands. It usually has a good mix of bands of different styles, and can be a fun, if somewhat long day, … Continue reading

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Traces – Performing “War”

Traces from Tamworth performing their song “War”. I was a bit apprehensive before this gig, as all the supports were metalcore acts, and some crumby local bands to boot, so I was not expecting much. Add to this that Traces … Continue reading

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