The Bends – Performing “Paranoid Android” by Radiohead

From the 90’s Tribute Night held Saturday 27th May, 2017. These guys were pretty pro, so that made my life easier. Good crowds all night, as well as the night before on the Friday, with the 90’s Tribute being spread over 2 nights for the first time. Recorded on a phone by Damo. Seems to be a lot more thumpy on this recording than I remember it being in the room, but the acoustic nature of the room and recording technologies may have played a part in the audio quality.

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Claret Ash – Metal Fiesta 10

I have no idea what the name of this song was, but here is a song from Claret Ash at Metal Fiesta 10. Luckily, the drummer was using triggers, or else it would have been damn hard to get any definition out of the Kick or Snare drums! These guys brought their own smoke machines and went to town on them, hence the far out appearance of this video. Once again, recorded on my phone, and it seemed to struggle with the high volume in the room.

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Local Horror – Full Set

This full set from Local Horror was shot at the Looking Glass CD Launch. I borrowed a Sony HDR-CX110E Video Camera from work to do this, and it was very disappointing. The audio quality was less than my Sony mobile phone, and dealing with the AVCHD file format that it uses was a nightmare. I ended up uploading raw files into YouTube, and then editing them using the YouTube editor. Unfortunately, this means there is a slight drop in the video quality, which is a real shame. The biggest shame is the audio quality, which while being acceptable, is actually a quite poor representation of the sound in the room, and is definitely not as good as the audio that I can capture with my phone.

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Looking Glass – Performing “Ghost of a Hand”

Taken with my phone at the Looking Glass CD Launch. These guys were damn loud! Hence, the phone was struggling to deal with the high SPL, and there is some distortion. Also, the drums sound WAAAY back in the mix on this recording. Not a true representation of the sound in the room, but once the SPLs start to peak the phone, I guess the frequency response starts to skew as well. Unlucky!

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Na Maza – Performing “Scalped”

Multiplicity Festival / Show on June 4th, 2016. The mix was flying itself, so why not take some video footage? Recorded with my phone. This video is also a little experiment in video editing, as I topped and tailed this clip with Windows Movie Maker. Not sure if I stuffed up some settings or what, but a slight drop in visual quality compared to a direct file upload from my phone. Audio quality seems unchanged.

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Butternut Squash – Performing “Here is no why” by Smashing Pumpkins

From the 90’s Tribute Night held May 14th, 2016. I am not a big Smashing Pumpkins fan myself, but these guys did a damn fine job of doing these songs justice. Once again, some random recording from some punters phone does not do the room sound much justice, but you get the idea. Good fun none the less, with the vibe nicely captured with some nifty gonzo camera work.

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Tundrel – Performing “Sleep”

I recorded the above clip using my phone. I was pretty happy with the recording quality, although as always, not a true representation of what it sounded like in the room, but at least it is relatively clear.

Tundrel where the local support for the Caligula’s Horse and Chaos Divine national tour. I was happy enough with the sound that night, as I managed to give the band a full sound check. That always helps. Also, the touring bands had brought their own console, which was nice, but really, I just tried to keep it as simple as possible. Tundrel are actually relatively easy to mix, being that they play fairly clean music.

After mixing these guys, Chaos Divine asked me to mix their set, even though the touring Sound Technician was meant to do it. A nice stroke of the ego no doubt, but I think it actually had more to do with Chaos Divine saving some money on production costs.

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