The Jizzlobbers – Performing songs by Faith No More

Here is another alter ego of the House Of Thumbs / Idiot dog Brain band members, this time performing the songs of Faith No More as The Jizzlobbers. This is from the 90’s Tribute Night that happened on May 19, 2018. In the past, these guys had done an ace set of Faith No More Songs, and while this may not have been one of the best that they had done, it was still very serviceable. Of course, mobile phone footage leaves something to be desired, but something that does not leave anything to be desired, is the absolutely smashing high quality of the lights, by the very High Quality Jen™!

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Jar Of Dirt – Performing songs by Alice In Chains

The 90’s Tribute Nights at The Basement have become somewhat of a staple over the last few years, usually selling out, and providing quite a few highlights over the last few years. Generally bands don names for their tribute band alter egos, and one group has made themselves a bit of a mainstay of the 90’s nights. From Melbourne, members of the bands House Of Thumbs and Idiot Dog Brain come up to Canberra to regularly do the 90’s Tribute Nights, usually doing a number of sets in a night, all of them usually of a pretty high quality. Here they are as  Jar Of Dirt, a tribute to Alice In Chains. As usual, phone recording quality does not entirely do it much justice, as the sound quality is a poor facsimile of what it sounded like in the room. As always, outstanding lights by the Outstanding Jen™!


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Traces – Performing “War”

Traces from Tamworth performing their song “War”. I was a bit apprehensive before this gig, as all the supports were metalcore acts, and some crumby local bands to boot, so I was not expecting much. Add to this that Traces did not have a bass player with them, would be playing to a backing track with the bass, and did not use guitar cabs, and I was worried it may have been a rather poxy showing. However, to my surprise, they were actually pretty awesome, although the volume in the room did the old distortion thing with the phone audio, so not a great representation of how good it actually sounded in the room. Nice stage show too. Sweet lights by the Ultra Sweet Jen™.

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The Knots – Performing “Passing By” and “War Pigs”

I got lucky with this one, as a whole bunch of loud , noisy metal bands had been slated to play the After Dark Bar on this night, but at the last minute they had got moved to the Main Stage, and The Knots and supports were moved out to the After Dark Bar, which made my life a whole lot easier and certainly saved my ears! I much rather mix stuff that has more musicality, and is not quite as loud or intense as metal, so this was a welcome change. Their original “Passing By”  is not too bad, and their cover of “War Pigs” is OK, but I think they did not quite give their all, as they were disappointed with the turn out. This kind of attitude can be expected from out of town bands who tour with 2 Tour Managers and a photographer! Unlucky! Wonderful lights by the Wonderful Jen™.

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mightyfew – Live at The Greenroom 30.4.2004

I finally got around to uploading this live album that I produced, from a live recording from a reunion show (of sorts) that mightyfew did at The Greenroom, in Phillip back in April 2004. They had not played a gig for a while, as they were in their transition period with band members living in Sydney and Canberra, trying to write and record an album/EP, as well as grappling with a slight change in style and direction.

For the life of me, I cant remember how I recorded this, but I think it was using a portable Mini Disc Recorder (!), straight from an auxiliary send from the desk. This means that I had a preset mix for the recording, not knowing what it sounded like unless I listened on some headphones. As a result, the vocals for the first 3 songs are too low in the mix, as I totally forgot to check the recording monitoring until about 3 songs in, as I spent most of the first song tweaking the live sound in the room, and forgot to check the recording until about 3 songs in. There are plenty of other issues that represent my poor live mixing skills at the time, including (but not limited to): Poor compression on bass, excessively hard noise gating, poor vocal levels etc. However, in my defense, it sounded very good in the room, and it was recorded live to 2 track stereo, with only some brief monitoring midway through the 3rd song, with the only change I made being to increase the vocal level. So, all in all, not too bad.

I did some post production, which mainly consisted of digitising the recording on to a PC, dividing the recording into separate files for each song, and some very basic EQ and compression to clean up the bottom end, and remove some of the bigger transients from things such as snare hits and cymbals crashes.

I then went to some effort to burn some discs, as well as printing some disc labels, and creating some basic jewel case artwork. I made about 10 copies that I gave to the band members, as well as to a few other friends and die hard fans. I had a copy for myself, but foolishly gave it away to someone who spotted it in my collection. I thought I still had a copy, but later noticed that I did not, and realised I had not kept one for myself. A few years ago, when moving into my own apartment, I found the original audio files, and also a burnt copy of the CD. To make sure that I never lost it again, I have now uploaded it to YouTube, to ensure I can always listen to it in the future.

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Jones The Cat – Performing “Wasted”

Jones The Cat from Newcastle performing their song “Wasted”. As per usual, no press, no advertising and poor support for the local scene meant that there were not many people here to watch these guys play. The support bands showed up to play their own set, not watching any of the other bands, like as if it were a chore. Unlucky. As usual, recorded on my phone, which seems to have shaken off its penchant for distorting all the time. I guess it only does it when it is really loud! Lovely lights by the Lovely Jen™.

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Frozen Planet 1969 – Full Set (Almost!)

Here is a full set (almost!) from Frozen Planet 1969. I had my phone on a tripod to record this one, hence the shaking of the image whenever there is a big kick drum hit! Another set that was damn loud also, so sound quality on the recording is a bit naff. These guys just jammed for about half an hour, hence the entire set being recorded, however I did start the recording a few minutes after they started, so almost got the whole thing! Terrific lights by the Terrific Jen™.

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