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What can I say? Born with the gift of the gab, and I don't believe in luck. You make your own luck in this world, so I just try and remain present, and live in the now.

Just Jen – Festival Allsorts #4

Just Jen performing at Festival Allsorts #4. 15 years after her last stage appearance, it took some convincing to get back on the stage, but it was well over due! Obviously, I love this! When Jen is not tearing up … Continue reading

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ORB – Performing “Space Between The Planets”

Far out! ORB from Geelong had a very space rock / psychedelic rock sound going on, especially with their vocal effects. They sounded pretty damn fat on the night and were pretty easy to work with. their guitar tones were … Continue reading

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The Sea Gypsies – Performing “Be Bold”

What can I say, other than that these guys were deadset RAD! A fantastic live band, great performers. Audio on this one is not too bad for a mobile phone recording, but of course it can never compare to being … Continue reading

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Jimmy Maddon

Had to put this here just so that I would not forget this guys name. Jimmy Maddon. JIMMY FUCKING MADDON. Seen here guesting on vocals with Naked Scientist in the ADB, the skronky recording pretty much sums this guy up. … Continue reading

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Edges – Performing songs by The Tea Party

Yet another performance by a band from a 90’s Tribute Night. I was never a massive Tea Party fan, but I thought that these guys did a pretty good job. Keyboards are always a bit weird on these phone recordings, … Continue reading

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Death By Carrot – Dope Riff Fest

Death By Carrot organised the Dope Riff Fest held at The Basement in August 2018, and while they were the headliners, they played the back stage, as they preferred the “vibe” in the back room, they were a bit arty … Continue reading

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Time On Earth – Performing “Alter”

Time On Earth played at The Basement as part of the Chaos In The Capital 4 Festival. Their bio read like a dogs breakfast of influences, but they were actually pretty cool, and they had some nifty songs to boot. … Continue reading

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Fisted Sister – Performing “We’re Not Gonna Take It” by Twisted Sister

More action from the 80’s Tribute Night held on the 14th July, 2018. This time we have the classic by Twisted Sister, being performed in a very snotty, punked up manner by the suitably titled Fisted Sister. Note the quasi-misogynistic … Continue reading

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Guns N Roadkill – Performing “Sweet Child O’ Mine” by Guns N’ Roses

From the 80’s Tribute Night, here is a Guns N’ Roses classic. Just about the only disappointment for me is that the bass guitar was not captured particularly well by little mobile phone, especially in the intro. Well, you get … Continue reading

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Devoy – 80’s Tribute Night

Johnathan Devoy AKA Devoy doing his Acoustic schtick at the 80’s Tribute Night held at The Basement on July 14th, 2018. Some might remember Devoy from his time in the 90’s band Jerk, or not. He kinda has his own … Continue reading

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