Traces – Performing “War”

Traces from Tamworth performing their song “War”. I was a bit apprehensive before this gig, as all the supports were metalcore acts, and some crumby local bands to boot, so I was not expecting much. Add to this that Traces did not have a bass player with them, would be playing to a backing track with the bass, and did not use guitar cabs, and I was worried it may have been a rather poxy showing. However, to my surprise, they were actually pretty awesome, although the volume in the room did the old distortion thing with the phone audio, so not a great representation of how good it actually sounded in the room. Nice stage show too. Sweet lights by the Ultra Sweet Jen™.


About Boonga

What can I say? Born with the gift of the gab, and I don't believe in luck. You make your own luck in this world, so I just try and remain present, and live in the now.
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