Jimmy Maddon

Had to put this here just so that I would not forget this guys name. Jimmy Maddon. JIMMY FUCKING MADDON. Seen here guesting on vocals with Naked Scientist in the ADB, the skronky recording pretty much sums this guy up. He normally plays solo with his guitar, and is the dictionary definition of tone deaf. This guy was terrible, the worst “musician”  that has ever graced a stage that I have been mixing. I wish I had recorded some of his “performance”. That is all.

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Edges – Performing songs by The Tea Party

Yet another performance by a band from a 90’s Tribute Night. I was never a massive Tea Party fan, but I thought that these guys did a pretty good job. Keyboards are always a bit weird on these phone recordings, either too high or two low in the mix, mainly due to frequency saturation, and how it is captured by the phone. I like to think that it was more balanced in the room on the night! Anyway, nice lights by the Nice Jen™. The video above is my recording, the one below was by a punter.

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Death By Carrot – Dope Riff Fest

Death By Carrot organised the Dope Riff Fest held at The Basement in August 2018, and while they were the headliners, they played the back stage, as they preferred the “vibe” in the back room, they were a bit arty like that. They had a odd stage set up, and various “alternative artists” like fire breathers, jugglers and burlesque dancers performing while the bands played. I did not mind the band, even if they were a bit painful to deal with. As far as the sound goes, the phone footage did not really capture their fat bottom ended sound, which was in part pushed from sub speakers on stage, run from a guitar signal split. Note the dancing girl at front of stage, hard to miss really. Dazzling lights by the Dazzling Jen™!

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Time On Earth – Performing “Alter”

Time On Earth played at The Basement as part of the Chaos In The Capital 4 Festival. Their bio read like a dogs breakfast of influences, but they were actually pretty cool, and they had some nifty songs to boot. This kind of music, and at this volume, seems to be captured pretty well by humble little phone, but of course, the bass guitar is not as prominent as it was in the room. Tasty lights by the Tasty Jen™!

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Fisted Sister – Performing “We’re Not Gonna Take It” by Twisted Sister

More action from the 80’s Tribute Night held on the 14th July, 2018. This time we have the classic by Twisted Sister, being performed in a very snotty, punked up manner by the suitably titled Fisted Sister. Note the quasi-misogynistic intro to the song by the lead singer. Yeah, it was all pretty gross. Still, it is what it is. There were some pretty hardcore Twisted Sister fans there, which was weird in itself, but they seemed to enjoy it. As usual, captured on my phone, and while I would like to say that the poor audio quality was due to the phone, but no, I think it all sounded a bit scrappy. Anyway, at least there were some quality lights by the Quality Jen™!

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Guns N Roadkill – Performing “Sweet Child O’ Mine” by Guns N’ Roses

From the 80’s Tribute Night, here is a Guns N’ Roses classic. Just about the only disappointment for me is that the bass guitar was not captured particularly well by little mobile phone, especially in the intro. Well, you get that. Not a bad performance by the band though, it ticks all the boxes. Wondrous lights by the Wondrous Jen™!

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Devoy – 80’s Tribute Night

Johnathan Devoy AKA Devoy doing his Acoustic schtick at the 80’s Tribute Night held at The Basement on July 14th, 2018. Some might remember Devoy from his time in the 90’s band Jerk, or not. He kinda has his own thing going on doing these acoustic things, but I gotta say, these recordings from this night were not his best performances. My little camera phone certainly pics up a lot of crowd noise when it is not a full band sound! Lovely lights by the Lovely Jen™!

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Head Injuries – Performing songs by Midnight Oil

As a bit of a spin off from the 90’s Tribute Nights, The Basement in Belconnen has also started holding 80’s Tribute Nights. These can actually pretty good also, as the bands covered are often less Metal orientated that the 90’s Tribute Nights. Here we have an odds and sods band formed with various Canberra musicians, calling themselves Head Injuries, and playing the songs of Midnight Oil. They were probably the best band on the After Dark Bar stage on the night. The clip for “Read About It” above was recorded by me using my trusty phone, while the entire set recording in the clip below was recorded on a Sony Camcorder with a Rode microphone attached, from a tripod standing on the desktop of the mixing booth. I actually think that the phone recording is a bit more accurate to how it sounded in the room! Diligent lights by the Diligent Jen™!

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Wolfpack – Performing “Brainwash Blues” and “Screaming Queens”

According to the bio on their Facebook page, Wolfpack play blistering punk thrash. Damn straight they do! These guys put on a brilliant live show, and they have a pretty solid political message, without being too self righteous. Pretty nice guys to work with, and very pro. These songs were recorded at the “Pigfest Without Matt #3” Show, whatever that is. As always, the recorded sound is a bit sloppy, but you get the idea, although it is hard to capture the energy that they had on stage, but the second video here, “Screaming Queens” does give you a good indication. Tops lights by the Tops Jen™!

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Arrowhead – Performing “Bone Mountain” and “Sky Wizard”

Arrowhead are a Sydney stoner rock band, and here is some footage of them performing at their CD launch that they shared with Frozen Planet 1969. They were pretty cool, and easy to work with, and had some groovy songs. The audio is a bit distorted due to the high volume in the room, and the image kinda shakes a bit, as the phone was mounted on a tripod on the desk, which was rattling around with every kick drum punch. As usual, mobile phone footage is always sketchy at best, so the audio is a bit flakey, but that is what you get from a mobile phone. As always, stunning lights by the Stunning Jen™!

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