Darker Half – Performing “The Evil That Men Do” by Iron Maiden

From the 80’s Tribute Night held on Saturday 15th July, 2017. these tribute nights are always a mixed bag of quality, but every now and then, a band gets up and does justice to the original band that they are trying to pay tribute to. These guys put on a damn solid tribute to Iron Maiden, so full credit to them. Once again, mobile footage does not give the best representation of the sound in the room, but you get the idea. Lighting design by the wonderful Jen™.

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90’s Music Festival – Gig Review on Bmamag.com

A review for what is a regular fixture on The Basements calendar, the 90’s Music Festival. As usual, I was doing sound for the back room stage. This was the first time that they held it over 2 nights, lets hope they don’t cook the Golden Goose! You can see my blog link for the Radiohead set here, with footage from the Saturday night.

See the BMA review below:

90’s Music Festival @ The Basement 26-27/5/2017


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Orsome Welles – Performing “Home Sweet Home”

This footage from my phone was recorded at the Orsome Welles CD launch for their EP “Rise”. We got to do a nice sound check, so I was pretty happy with the sound in the room. As always, recording with a phone does not catch all the nuances of the live sound, especially the bottom end. However, it is clear enough to hear the song in the recording, so happy with that. Awesome lights by the awesome Jen™.

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Hallucinatorium – Performing “Bloodsport” and other songs

Some random gig, May 5th, 2017. I had mixed Hallucinatorium about a year earlier, and they had kinda sucked. At this gig, they showed that they had definitely improved. Despite still being a bit rough around the edges, they do have a certain something to add to the stoner/doom/occult rock with female vocals thing. They were pretty bloody loud at this gig, so I think that may have been why my poor phone struggled to keep up with the sound quality. Cool vocals and guitars. Unfortunately, I never quite caught the name of the song on the night, but a band member later told me via Facebook. Unlucky! Awesome lighting design by the multi talented Jen™. Below are some links from the same show, recorded by a punter at side of stage.

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The Chris Harland Blues Band – Performing “Honey Hush” by Albert Collins

This footage was recorded with my phone once again, at The Swamp Stompers CD Launch. This was a pretty awesome gig, with The Swamp Stompers being much better live than their recorded output would lead you to believe. The Chris Harland Blues Band were one of the supports, and damn, I could mix this type of music till the cows come home. Blues Rock is sooooo easy to mix, and just sounds awesome, plus these guys were all over it as well. They had all their sounds/tones sorted, and they all played like champs. I was loving it so much, I had to whip out the phone and record a song!

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Mother’s Cake – Gig Review on Amnplify.com.au

A decent review for what I consider to be one of the better gigs that I have done at The Basement. They were an awesome live band, and all the bands sounded pretty sweet on the night, or at least I was pretty happy with it! See the review below:

Mother’s Cake @ the Basement 25/02/17 (Live Review)

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The Bends – Performing “Paranoid Android” by Radiohead

From the 90’s Tribute Night held Saturday 27th May, 2017. These guys were pretty pro, so that made my life easier. Good crowds all night, as well as the night before on the Friday, with the 90’s Tribute being spread over 2 nights for the first time. Recorded on a phone by Damo. Seems to be a lot more thumpy on this recording than I remember it being in the room, but the acoustic nature of the room and recording technologies may have played a part in the audio quality.

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